Month: December 2014

Market Forecast For Natural Cosmetics With Changing Consumer Behaviour

The market for natural care products has shown signs of improvement over the years. The average annual growth is estimated to be around 8-25 percent. On the contrary, the artificial beauty product market has shown an average increase of only 3-10 percent. It shows that the user preference has now shifted from artificial beauty products […]

Asian Beauty Secret Don’t Be The quiet Asian

The topic of Asian beauty is largely neglected in this day and age, with popular beauty sites all regurgitating the same generic beauty tips and tricks that, whilst sometimes helpful, are more often than not aimed at people of western/caucasian complexion and thus practically useless for an Asian girl or boy looking online for some […]

La Spa Beauty Salon Near Swords Offers Luxury Day Spa Experience With Special Discounts

Would you like to know about a beauty salon in Swords that offers all the luxury and pampering of an exclusive day spa but without the expensive bill? Well wonder no more. La Spa Therapie in Malahide just a 10 minute drive from Swords brings you all the little luxuries you would enjoy at a […]

Deep Sea Cosmetics Info

Products that make use of ingredients coming from the Dead Sea are really popular today. It is no wonder then that Dead Sea Cosmetics is one of the most recognized companies in the industry. The products are well known for their healing and rejuvenating powers which are primarily due to the concentration of salts and […]

What Mirabella Cosmetics Is All About

Mirabella Cosmetics is a company that was initial conceived and later developed by makeup artist and for the advantage of makeup artist. After all, it came regarding as useful a resolution to those professionals who desired a line of cosmetic product that may suit the massive demands of the cosmetic industry. Mirabella originally felt as […]

Cosmetics Products Manufacturers Potential Market For Global Consumer

Cosmetics can be categorized under various products such as, body sprays, hair color products, skin care creams and lotions, facial and eye make up and different sprays and gels. The manufacturing of cosmetics originated in the twentieth century and currently there are many small and big organizations involved in sale and distribution of cosmetic products. […]

Men and Makeup – Manly or Modest

Men and women have been wearing makeup for centuries and when associating men with makeup, most would think that men who wear it are rather effeminate. This could not be further from the truth. Throughout history men have painted their faces for various reasons, whether it is for hunting, religious purposes or to identify their […]

Pupa Cosmetics

Pupa means little doll, denoting its fun, flirty and colorful collection of cosmetic products. All girly girls will surely love their products. Being known for bright and bold colors, Pupa users expect to have the best and highly pigmented eye shadow or Pupa lipstick to choose from. They have manufactured beauty kits that are perfect […]

Online Shopping For Fashion And Branded Shoes In India

There are number on online shopping sites that offers branded and fashion shoes in India. Shopatmajorbrands is one such online shopping site that offers great collection of shoes online. Here you will find shoes from renowned brand named Aldo. No matter what kind of shoes you are looking for, whether a party wears or official […]