Month: March 2015

Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

Over the past 10 years cosmetic surgery has turned round its negative persona and emerged as a trendy and affordable way to get the body and face you’ve always wanted. No longer reserved for famous celebrities and rich business moguls, cosmetic enhancements are now common place amongst the masses with more affordable procedures available than […]

Supplies For Beauty Salons

In each type of salon business, the owner will find that they all involve a significant number of types of supplies. The efficiency, quality, and upkeep of those supplies can help a business function smoothly, and the expense can often have a great impact on the bottom line of the business. There are several main […]

Transformation From Traditional Churidars To Modern Churidar Styles

Churidar suits are highly preferred choice of Indian women since traditional times. Be it any female, short, long, plus size, slim or petite all love churidars a lot over salwar kameez. Its so because churidars enhance every figure equally. But with time churidars have taken a great turn. Their styles keep changing with time. Traditionally […]

How Cosmetic Brushes Affect Acne

Acne can be an extremely irritating, frustrating and embarrassing problem. Often women tend to blame their cosmetics or their diets, but sometimes the real cause of the problem can be something a little unexpected – your make-up brushes. Cosmetic brushes are used more and more these days with the increasing popularity […]

Tired Of Plucking Those Eyebrows Then Consider Permanent Makeup As Your Solution!

All that you need to Know about Permanent make-up Tired of plucking your eyebrows and having to touch up on your make up several times a day? answer is learning about the option of permanent make up that Amazing Faces offers. Wondering how you could apply a makeup that never wears off? Here is how […]

Why Choose Makeup Without Bismuth Oxychloride

Mineral makeup is popular today for many reasons. For one, women want to healthy natural look to their skin when they wear makeup. Using minerals from the earth is one way to accomplish that. But, these helpful minerals are not the only ingredients in some mineral cosmetics. One such compound that is used as filler […]

Online Shopping In India For Lee Cooper And Buckaroo Shoes

Not long ago, shoe shopping in India meant hopping from one shop to another, and maybe even from one market to another. Not any longer. Online shopping for shoes has arrived. Web pages filled with shoe styles beckon shoe-lovers to expand their collections. The stylish way to acquire foreign and Indian brands including Buckaroo shoes […]

Kaeso Beauty Products From Professional Choice

Leading wholesale stockist of hair and beauty supplies Professional Choice is proud to offer its clients the outstanding Kaeso beauty products. The Professional Choice website at has one of the best ranges of Kaeso skincare, massage and manicure/pedicure products available online, helping beauty therapists around the country offer the excellence of Kaeso beauty to […]