Guys, Gals, And Cosmetics

You’re a male floundering around for a special gift for the
significant female in your life, and think she would love a new supply
of cosmetics. But you will have to either get the information on which
cosmetics she uses from her female friends, or, if you are living
together, observe her in the course of her daily makeup rituals and make
a note of what cosmetics she uses. You can extend the detective work
to her pre and post makeup supplies as well. Order your cosmetics
online and take them to a florist for wrapping. And enjoy her

Is There A Safe Way To Give Her Cosmetics?

a guy, and your understanding of cosmetics is, shall we say, skin deep.
You have no clue as to why anyone of the opposite sex can spend so much
time searching for the perfect cosmetics, when you think the woman in
your looks just fine the way she is. But you’ve decided that you’d like
to treat her to some really special cosmetics for her next birthday (if
you can pull it off without having her wonder if she’s looking been
older lately!) So you need help.

The first thing you should
realize, however, before you put a lot of effort into your search, is
that the vast majority of women like to decide on their own cosmetic
choices, perhaps the way you like to choose your brand of cologne.
Cosmetics really are a matter of personal inclination, so unless you
know your lady very. very well, your well intended gift may miss the

How To Find Out What She Uses

But if you think
you can stay safe by loading up on the cosmetics she is already using,
and you aren’t sharing living quarters, you’ll have to put on your
sleuthing shoes. Talk to her female friends who accompany her on
shopping trips, and see what they can tell you about her cosmetics

If, however, the two of you are housemates, your work
will be considerably easier. You probably already know where she likes
to apply her makeup, and wherever it is, bathroom sink or bedroom
vanity, the cosmetics will be close by. But if you are uncomfortable
with the idea of snooping in her things, you can simply pay a bit more
attention the next time she applies some of her cosmetics, and write
down the names of the foundation, eye shadow and mascara (that’s the
stuff she puts on her eyelashes), the blusher, and whatever she uses to
color her lips, on the sly.

Those items will be the ones she uses most frequently,
and should have the most prominent place in your gift package. But if
you really want to impress her, you should also try to get a look at
what she uses on her face both before the cosmetics go on, and after
they come off. She undoubtedly has favorite skin cleansers, toners,
scrubs, and moisturizers, and those things can be even more expensive
than tthe actual cosmetics.

Doing Your Shopping And Wrapping

you have compiled your list, you can either shop for the items online,
or hit the local department stores, but unless you don’t mind hanging
around the cosmetics counters, you will probably be happier with the
online approach,

When you have collected all the cosmetics, you
can take them to a local florist and have them made up into a gorgeous
gift basket, complete with ribbons and your card, for a reasonable fee.
You can even pay them to deliver it on the big day if you like, or you
can find an up close and romantic way to surprise her.

Being Prepared For The Aftermath

remember, you won’t have to get the information on her cosmetics very
often, as they last a good while. But she is absolutely going to love
the idea of asking you to stop and pick up some of her foundation on
your way home from work the next time she runs out.

So be prepared!